Bicycle Way of Life Racing Team Website

Project Details

Date: November – December 2013. Website management ongoing.
Role: Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Developer, Webmaster & Photographer
Tools: Photoshop, WordPress, PhP, CSS, xHTML, Google Fonts, FTP

The Bicycle Way of Life Racing Team web page was originally included among the pages of the Bicycle Way of Life storefront website. This was getting buried and hard to find on the site, and with the rapid growth of the team, the team felt it time to set itself apart and be housed under its own subdomain.

Effie was given creative liberties to build the team website for the Bicycle Way of Life Racing Team, with the goal of simplistic and responsive design in mind. The main focus of the site it to highlight pictures and bios of the many team members, through a series of fun and interactive filters and social media connections, and gives special recognition to the teams local and remote sponsors.

Utilizing lively colors and race event images, the site works at being a reflection of it’s diverse members.

Effie’s services included logo design, photography, extensive WordPress customization, custom font implementation, plugin coding, and creation of team materials: membership cards, sponsorship documentation, jersey designs, race support crew car magnets, sponsorship banners, and more!

The Original Racing Team Web Page Design

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 11.48.28 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 11.48.44 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 11.48.59 PM

The New Team Website

BWOL Team Homepage


BWOL Team Members Page with Filters & Social Link Icons

BWOL Team Website Team Members

BWOL Team Sponsors Page

BWOL Team Website Sponsors

Links & Resources

BWOL Team Website Links

Team Updates & News

BWOL Team Website Updates

Contact BWOL Racing Team

BWOL Team Website Contact

Join Our Team

BWOL Team Website Join Our Team

Team Materials

BWOL Team Sponsorship Banners

8′ Horizontal Team Tent Banner

EFFIEBZ-2014-BWOL-8'-HORIZONTAL-Team-Tent-Sponsor-Banner_Extra_Large copy

8′ Vertical Store Banner

EFFIEBZ-2014-BWOL-8'-VERTICAL-Sponsor-Banner_Extra_Large copy

BWOL Team Membership Cards

BWOL Team Membership Cards

Race Support Crew Car Magnets

BWOL Race Support Crew Car Magnets