| Website Clean Up

Project Details

Date: March 2014
Role: Web Developer
Tools: WordPress, PhP, CSS, CSS Image Sprites, xHTML, Google Docs Viewer, FTP was seeking a local web developer that could clean up their WordPress based property management website, after updates had been applied that garbled some of the displays and functions of their site. Effie was hired to clean up the site without visibility of how the site “originally” looked.

Through the clean up process, Effie applied additional upgrades to the parent Denali theme and updated the site to WordPress version 3.8.1. She then evaluated the site for, and implemented improvements to restore broken code and clean up:

  • site aesthetics
  • typefaces
  • content spacing
  • image alignments
  • image backgrounds
  • form displays on Download Forms and Documents

Additional features were also requested which Effie researched and implemented:

  • Account Access Manager (AAM) to give Real Estate Agents limited controls to only manage properties assigned to them.
  • User Switching allowing WP Admin users to “Switch To” other user accounts to test settings.

Finally, all site permalinks were updated from default settings (that read as: to more readable naming structure, such as:  After these changes were enabled, a Permalinks Finder plugin was tested and implemented to auto-redirect the old links to new link structure.