Edmonds Bicycle Advocacy Group (EBAG)

Project Details

Date: April – May 2013
URL: wp.edmondsbicyclegroup.org
Role: Graphic Designer, Web Design & Developer
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, PhP, CSS, xHTML, Google Fonts, FTP

Effie and Lee Erickson collaborated on the redesign of the Edmonds Bicycle Advocacy Group website, a volunteer-based organization located in Edmonds, Washington that Lee founded back in 1994. The organization has been an integral part of the community all these years and our redesign of their website was an effort to help improve access to their resources and extend their influence in the community.

Effie updated the organizations logo to give it a fresh look, and created the new WordPress CMS site using a color scheme concept provided by the group. An automated events calendar was implemented that outputs monthly calendars, at-a-glance views and an upcoming events list. Venues for the events implement Google map views. All efforts were made to keep the site easy to navigate, simple to manage, with as much automation as possible, and accessible on all formats of media devices.

Lee coordinated and managed conversion of all site content, and did extensive research to add past dated materials as an online/archival resource for the group.

Original Logo – 1994

EBAG Logo Original - 1994

Original Logo – Revision Date Unknown

EBAG Logo Edited - Date Unknown

EBAG’s Revised Logo – 2013


Original Website Design

EBAG - original site design

EBAG - original site design

EBAG’s Revised Website Design – 2013

Home Page

EBAG home page

About Us Page

EBAG about us

Calendar Page

EBAG calendar of events

Photo Gallery Page

EBAG photo gallery

Event Venues Page

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