Fusion Movement | Pilates & Hoop Dance | Website Conversion to WordPress

Project Details

Date: May 2012 – Present
URL: fmpilates.com
Role: Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Developer & Webmaster, Photographer, Videographer, Technical Writing Consultant
Tools: WordPress, PhP, CSS, xHTML, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, PayPal, FileZilla, Canon 20D, Sony Handycam, iMovie, iDVD, YouTube

Effie converted her original custom design for FMPilates.com to a more flexible and easily managed WordPress CMS platform. Doing this gave the site more flexibility to ready-made plugins and class registration features (currently still in the works). ToolTips for glossary terms and anti-spam controls were also added.

This conversion paralleled FMPilates moving to a new Pilates studio space in South Eugene, taking over an existing client base. Effie wanted to ensure that existing Pilates clients could easily use the automated health forms and purchase lessons. In doing this Effie improved how FMPilates could manage receiving these new client records, and the client can now update site content as desired to adapt to the growing business.

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Continued Marketing Materials

Business Card

FMPilates biz card

Screenshots of Website Design

Home Page

FMPilates - 2013 - Home Page

Susan’s Credentials

FMPilates - 2013 - Susan's Credentials

Private Pilates Lessons

FMPilates - 2013 - Private Pilates Lessons

Pilates FAQs

FMPilates - 2013 - Pilates FAQ

Private Hoop Dance Lessons

FMPilates - 2013 - Private Hoop Lessons

Client Health Forms

FMPilates - 2013 - Client Health Form

Gift Certificates

FMPilates - 2013 - Gift Certificates


FMPilates - 2013 - Testimonials


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