First Cup of French Espresso

Effie - French Espresso

Best Photography I & Best in Show

King Retail Solutions (KRS) April Fool’s Art Show

35mm Photograph Enlargement
April 2005 – Eugene, Oregon

I received these employee nominated awards at the annual 2005 Annual April Fool’s Art Show, which only showcases work created by KRS employees, while I worked there as a Project Coordinator.

The show is left on exhibit in the main board room for two weeks so that all employees and visiting clients can enjoy the works of art.

The Story Behind the Photo

This was Effie’s first cup of real French espresso while visiting Paris in 2004. A co-worker asked Effie to photograph a cup of espresso while traveling, but the corner cafe snapshot instantly became one of Effie’s treasured pictures and an enlargement of this print graces Effie’s living room wall.