OBRA Heiser Farms Grand Island Road Race, 3/16/2013, Dayton, Oregon


Project Details

Date: March 16th, 2013
URL: YouTube Video
Role: Videographer, Photographer, Video Editor, YouTube Publisher
Tools: GoPro Hero3, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, iPhoto, iTunes, MPEG Streamclip, YouTube

Heiser Farms Grand Island Road Race, 3/16/2013, Dayton, Oregon

Filmed & Produced by Effie Siverts

This was Effie’s 1st road race! And the conditions were downright gnarly. Huge wind gusts, pelting rain, and cow manure. It felt just like a Cyclocross race… and the training sure paid off. Lots of lessons learned about drafting and staying with the pack.

And we’re not certain exactly what happened, maybe crazy road vibrations and a GoPro don’t mix, but 1.5 laps into the race the mounting arm to the GoPro sheared off and the camera went flying. End of footage – and the delay to retrieve it cost me my drafting partner so I had to finish the last 2.5 laps chasing her tail. But I finished! Exhausted, soaked, and smiling! What a crazy first race.


Men Cat 4/5 (5 laps)
Paul Brown #5051, 16th/30
Dirk Siverts #5208, 21st/30

Women Cat 4/5 (4 laps)
Kristin Yarris #7076, 5th/12
Effie Siverts #7098, 11th/12

Way to go, team!!!

This is only footage of the 3:30pm Women Cat 3/4/5 & Masters Women race!