“Ms. Chipollini” – 2012 Cross Crusades

Effie - Ms Chipollini


“Ms. Chipollini” – 2012 Cross Crusades

Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA)

December 2012

2012 Crusader Award: “Ms. Chipollini” is for the most stylish female Cyclocross rider at the Cross Crusade each year. The award is based on kit, bike, hair style, personality and panache.

Effie began racing Cyclocross in September 2012 and completed 15 races in her first season. At every race Effie donned her ruby red lipstick and black and red striped socks in order to make herself feel good and ready to race. Friendly spectators and race supporters would often cheer “Go Lipstick!” or “Go Socks!” when she raced by. These cheers kept Effie moving on the course and always gave her that extra “oomph” to push it just a little harder on the course.

Effie was simply overjoyed to win this nomination in her first season of racing, especially when her fellow nominees were the likes of “A” racers Tina Brubaker and Mielle Blomberg!

At the end of the season Effie and her family were invited to join the Bicycle Way of Life Racing Team in Eugene, Oregon.

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2012-12-01 Cyclocross - Effie - Dave Roth
Photo courtesy Dave Roth | cycling.dmroth.com