Natural Choice Directory | Sidebar Ads & Site Restructure

Project Details

Date: February – April 2014
Role: Web Developer & Designer
Tools: Photoshop, PhP, CSS, HTML5, iFrames, MySQL/PhP MyAdmin, FTP

Effie was asked to customized the layout of the online Natural Choice Directory to accommodate new sidebar rotating ad spaces. In performing this work, Effie added a new upload image feature to the custom-written CMS that supports the site. The entire site code structure also was updated, switching the design over from table based layouts to

layouts, cleaning up syntax and the layout of individual ad space displays. Doing this also helped to speed up the performance and reduce image load times.

The custom rotating sidebar ads also rotate between the left and right sidebar areas and shuffle as you navigate each page of the website.

After completion of the rotating sidebar ads, Effie was tasked with overhauling the site structure from it’s previous development code, updating deprecated MySQL syntax to MySQLi syntax before the hosting servers updated the code to PhP 5.5 and broke the site. She also did a complete code restructure for the front end display – eliminating deprecated table syntax and implementing more fluid CSS styles with support of HTML5. Addition work was done to stabilize mobile displays, and upgrade all page displays and business ads with a more updated look and feel.

Customizations were also done to the custom CMS site management portal for allowing the site owner to instantly view and manage business display ads, a feature that had only been partially implemented by the previous developer.

View of the Custom CMS Management Portal

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 2.10.22 PM