Redbeard Smokehouse

Redbeard Smokehouse, Eugene, OR

Project Details

Date: November 2015
Role: Graphic Designer
Tools: Photoshop

Effie was asked to complete a quick turn-around for this client who needed signage in two days for quick grand opening banner signage. The client came to Effie with their overall desires known: banner size, typography, and branded logo on wood. Effie experimented with several effects and came out with this as the end result to the great satisfaction of the client.

Check out Redbeard Smokehouse on Facebook to learn their hours and location and go sample their feasts!

FYI. The best wood burn effect I came across on YouTube was by Blue Ligthing TV – have fun checking it out for yourself!

Print Graphics

19″ x 130″ Banner

Redbeard Smokehouse, Eugene, OR

Social Media Graphics

Branded Logo

Redbeard Smokehouse, Eugene, OR

Stacked Logo

Redbeard Smokehouse, Eugene, OR